Top 10 Best Roblox Games of 2021 {Recently Added}

Best Roblox Games

We all know that Roblox has a vast collection of different games, all come up with unique styles of play for its fan base. If there's a different kind of game, it can be a simulator, an FPS, or an RPG. Roblox players will reveal specifically what they're seeking in the list of servers in the game.

Some of the most popular games have a ton of players, and as the years go by, Roblox even gets better and better. In July 2021, we will talk about the top best Roblox games you must play.

Roblox is a platform that has a huge collection of games that players love and some that players don't. If we talk about the ratings, players on Roblox can provide ratings to their games. People who appreciate their experience offer it a high rating, while those who have gone through a hard time often don't or offer a low rating.

List of the Top 10 Best Roblox Games

In July 2021, some of the most common games were not highly ranked. More players mean more chances for a less than favourable rating. The highest-rated games are currently not necessarily what fans would expect.

1. Tropical Resort Tycoon

Tycoon Resort

Tropical Resort Tycoon currently stands in Roblox, having a 94% positive rating. This is from over 243 million visitors. In the game, players build a tropical resort to make it a success. They can drive around the resort, meet friends and try the best resorts around.

2. Anime Fighters

Anime Fighters

Anime Fighters also possesses a 94% rating of Roblox. The game is exactly as it sounds. Players compile lots of anime characters and combat with other players to determine who is the best. Users can accumulate a combination of characters, train them, travel to new worlds, and fight for anime supremacy.

3. Weightlifting Simulator

Weightlifting Simulator

Weight Lifting Simulator also possesses a 94% Roblox rating. The goal is to become the strongest lifter in the sport. Participants can equip different body parts to prepare themselves stronger. The main objective is to lift the weight and progress through the various weights available.

4. Dream Island Tycoon

Dream Island Tycoon

Dream Island Tycoon sits right above the other three games with a Roblox rating of 95%. Players construct and inaugurate an airport on an island. It is very analogous to Tropical Resort Tycoon. The main objective is to fly an airplane, drive a car, add different businesses and buildings, and maintain a dream island.

5. Anime Dimension

Anime Dimension

The highest-rated game in Roblox yet is the anime dimension with 97%. The game is nowadays under experimenting with limited bugs here and there, but that hasn't ended the great ratings of over 111 million players. Players can wander through their favourite anime dimensions, defeat bosses, compile characters, and more.

6. Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator has been considered as one of the best Roblox games for mobile players. It is a racing game with some very large open-world areas in which players can cruise.

Winning the race gives rewards that can be used to buy better cars, and it tests driving skills.

7. Extreme Hide and Seek

Extreme Hide and Seek

The title of this Roblox game is fine self-explanatory. There's nothing more to do than jump in and play it. The game has garnered over 1 billion views since its creation, and for a good reason.

There's no better way to get used to the world of Roblox than to run around, hide and seek.

8. Phantom Force

Phantom Force

Phantom Forces is an incredible first-person shooter called Roblox. The gameplay is incompatible with any other Roblox game as removing other players offers bonuses and rank boosts.

It is arguably the best FPS in the game, with a wide array of weapons that completely changes the experience.

Sometime your system need to unlock FPS to play Phantom Forces smoothly on your syatem.

9. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular Roblox games of all time. Upon loading, players are presented with a plot of land where they get to build a whimsical theme park.

The main objective is to carve a park, increase attendees, and render it a successful place where people want to play.

10. Jailbreak


Jailbreak is another hugely popular game and has earned its popularity from many different things. One of the main things that come to mind out of all these is its service. It was always a very entertaining game, but it has been improved with even more updates that have constantly brought in many new players. Another great thing is that there is always something to do, thanks to daily contracts and objectives.

In Jailbreak, players enjoy the life of either a criminal or a police officer. Depending on which side you decide to play because your actions will be different. You will either be a man of crime with brilliant plans, or you will devise a strategy to stop the said crimes. Either way, it's a fun game with lots of players active all the time, which means it'll never be a problem to work against or work with someone in this Roblox multiplayer game.


It's always fun to take other players, even your friends, to the game and Roblox. And with so many possibilities for creativity in the game, these are some of the best Roblox games to have fun.